15th April

The events happened on 15th April are :

1955 : First McDonald's opened by Ray Kroc : On this day in 1955, American fast-food pioneer Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald's franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois, launching an enterprise that would eventually become the world's largest fast-food chain.

2003 : U.S. President George W. Bush declared that the government of Ṣaddām Ḥussein in Iraq had fallen as a result of the Second Persian Gulf War and the following day asked the United Nations to lift sanctions against Iraq.

2000 : U.S. President Bill Clinton established the Giant Sequoia National Monument, a preserve near Sequoia National Park covering more than 500 square miles (1,300 square km) of Sequoia National Forest in the Sierra Nevada of California.

1947 : Jackie Robinson, who broke baseball's racial barrier, played in his first major league game for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field.

1926 : Robertson Aircraft, one of the companies that later developed into American Airlines, flew its first mail route, between Chicago and St. Louis, Missouri, with Charles A. Lindbergh as the pilot.

1920 : Two men were murdered in South Braintree, Massachusetts, leading to the Sacco-Vanzetti case and the still-controversial conviction of the two Italian immigrants.

1912 : The British luxury passenger liner Titanic sank en route to New York City from Southampton, Hampshire, England, during its maiden voyage.

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