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Today's Word : Trepidation
August 01, 2007

Word for 1 st August 2007: A Word A Day-Trepidation


( Noun )

Trepidation : (trep'i-da'shun)

1. A state of alarm or dread

2. An involuntary trembling or quivering

3. Great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

4. A feeling of alarm or dread

5. Nervous trembling

Etymology :

Latin trepidation-, trepidatio, from trepidare to tremble, from trepidus agitated; probably akin to Old English thrafian to urge, push, Greek trapein to press grapes

Contextual Examples :

� The nursery school students were filled with trepidation when they saw the other children in their class dressed in their Halloween costumes.

� The trepidation of the swimming team was readily apparent. Their knees were knocking as they lined up along the edge of the pool.

� With great trepidation, she agreed to manage the company during the crises.

� To be fearless is to be intrepid.

� The intrepid captain sailed his ship around the world with only a handkerchief for a sail.

Synonyms :

1. Affright

2. Alarm

3. Apprehension

4. Dread

5. Fear

6. Fearfulness

7. Fright

8. Funk

9. Horror

10. Panic

11. Terror

12. Anxiety

Antonyms :

1. Calm

2. Contentment

3. Happiness

4. Courage

Related Words :

Trepidatious:(Adjective) = with fear, full of trepidation

Intrepid:(Adjective) = fearless

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