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April 14, 2008

Monday, 14th April 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Comparative : coyer
Superlative : coyest

Pronunciation : k-oy


1. annoyingly reluctant to make a commitment or to divulge something

2. pretending, in a teasing or provocative way, to be reserved or modest

3. shy or reserved in social situations

4. pretending to be shy


14th century - Via French - coi - quiet - Latin quietus


backward, bashful, demure, diffident, modest, retiring, self-effacing, shy, timid, coquettish, flirtatious, flirty


aggressive, forward, immodest, impudent, unshy

Contextual Examples:

� The child appeared coy but was really planning her next adventure.

� The mayor was coy about his future political aspirations.

� A horse was in waiting to receive the princess who was mounted behind one of the clerks and thus conveyed, coy but compliant to the fortress.

� His work is like exquisite modern Latin verse into the academic shape of which, discreet and coy, comes a sincere, deeply felt consciousness of modern life, of the modern world as it is.

Related Words:

coyness : Noun

coyly : Adverb

coyish : Adjective

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