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January 24, 2008

Thursday, 24th January 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : i-lk-ser

1. a panacea or a quick or magical cure

2. a sweetened solution of a drug in alcohol and water

3. a substance once believed to prolong life indefinitely, or to transform base metals into gold

4. the quintessence or absolute embodiment of anything


14th century - Via medieval Latin - Arabic al-iksir - Greek xērion - dry powder for treating wounds - xēros - dry


1266, from Latin elixir - philosopher's stone - believed by alchemists to transmute baser metals into gold and/or to cure diseases and prolong life: From Greek - al-iksir, probably from late Greek - xerion - powder for drying wounds - from xeros - dry. General sense of strong tonic is 1597: used for quack medicines from at least 1631.


cure-all, elixir of life, extract, medicine, mixture, panacea, philosopher's stone, potion, principle, solution, cure, medicament, medication, nostrum, physic, remedy, tincture, tonic, preparation, restorative, tonic, pick-me-up, draught


peripherals, poison

Contextual Examples:

The air you breathe is an elixir which prepares you for the unexpected.

The doctor produced another spoonful of the elixir of life, and gravely repeated his first address to me.

Like a subtle and mysterious elixir poured into the perishable clay of successive generations, it grows in truth, splendour, and potency with the march of ages.

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