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March 17, 2008

Monday, 17th March 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : �mmi-nen-ss


1. A position of great distinction or superiority

2. A projection or protuberance from the surface of a body part, especially a bone

3. A rise of ground

4. A person of high station or great achievements


Origin: 1375�1425 - late ME - L �minentia, equiv. to �min - base of �min�re to stand out


authority, celebrity, credit, dignity, distinction, esteem, fame, famousness, glory, greatness, honor, illustriousness, influence, kudos, loftiness, notability, note, power, preeminence, prepotency, prestige, prominency, rank, renown, reputation, repute, significance, standing, superiority, weight, altitude, elevation, height, highland, highness, hill, hillock, knoll, loftiness, peak, project, prominence, promontory, raise, rise, summit, upland


Advantage is a relatively favorable position or superiority of means.

Vantage is a position, condition or opportunity that is likely to provide superiority or an advantage.


inferiority, insignificance, obscurity, unimportance, flat, low ground, cavity, depression, dip

Contextual Examples:

� India has produced many philosophers of eminence.

� His eminence appears to enjoy good health, monseigneur.

� The ranges of mountain peaks which Captain Bonneville speaks of, as rising from its bosom, are probably the summits of mountains beyond it, which may be visible at a vast distance, when viewed from an eminence, in the transparent atmosphere of these lofty regions.

Related Words:

Eminency : Noun

Eminencies : Noun - Plural

Eminent : Adjective

Don't confuse this word with imminence.

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