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March 04, 2008

Tuesday, 4th March 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : na-ve-re


1. Dishonest or crafty dealing

2. An instance of trickery or mischief

3. An act of deliberate betrayal


Old English cnafa - knava - boy, male servant - Germanic


artifice, astuteness, bunk, cheating, chicane, chicanery, corruption, craft, criminality, crookedness, cunning, deceit, double-dealing, duplicity, faithlessness, falsehood, falsity, flimflam, fourberie, fraud, fraudulence, graft, guile, hanky-panky, improbity, infamy, infidelity, insidiousness, knavery, knavishness, mendacity, perfidiousness, perfidy, racket, rascality, sharp practice, slyness, stealing, swindle, treachery, trickery, trickiness, unscrupulousness, wiliness


honestness, honesty, goodness, morality, righteousness

Contextual Examples:

� Mercury, displeased at his knavery, not only took away the golden axe, but refused to recover for him the axe he had thrown into the pool.

� Monk after undergoing a long confinement for some fresh act of fraud and knavery at length sunk under an attack of his old disorder and died in prison.

Related Words:

knavishly : Adverb

knave : Noun

knavish : Adjective

knavishness : Noun

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