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January 02, 2008

Thursday, 3rd January 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Pronunciation : m�lte-f�rree-ess

1. including parts, things, or people of many different kinds

2. numerous and varied

3. having many aspects

4. having or occurring in great variety

5. greatly diverse or manifold


Late 16th century - Latin multifarius - varied, diverse - multi - many - farius - doing


assorted, collective, conglomerate, different, diverse, diversiform, heterogeneous, indiscriminate, legion, manifold, many, mixed, motley, multiform, multiplex, multitudinal, multitudinous, numerous, populous, several, sundry, varied, variegated, various, voluminous


homogenous, single, singular, unvaried, consistent, normal, standard, symmetrical, uniform

Contextual Examples:

� For six months she saved her egg-money, which was hers by right of allotment, and on his birthday presented him with a turning-lathe of wonderful simplicity and multifarious efficiencies.

� He indulged in multifarious activities.

� She is good at constructing a long, multifarious narrative, weaving many minor stories into one.

� Men's opinions, accordingly, on what is laudable or blamable, are affected by all the multifarious causes which influence their wishes in regard to the conduct of others, and which are as numerous as those which determine their wishes on any other subject.

Related Words:

multifariously: Adjective

multifariousness: Noun

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