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February 07, 2008

Friday, 8th February 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Pronunciation : p�llee-m�wrfic

1. Consisting of a number of different kinds

2. Occurring in several forms

3. relating to the crystallization of a compound in two or more different forms

4. relating to the occurrence of more than one kind of individual (independent of sexual differences) in an interbreeding population

5. Polymorphous


Early 17th century - poly meaning many - morphos - derivative of morph - form


assorted, divers, diverse, diversified, heterogeneous, miscellaneous, mixed, motley, multifarious, multiform, sundry, varied, variegated, various, polymorphous


same, unipolar, uniformic

Contextual Examples:

� Man is both polymorphic and polytypic animal.

� In rudimentary organs, and in those which have been but little specialised for any particular purpose, and perhaps in polymorphic groups, we see a nearly parallel natural case.

Related Words:

Polymorphous : Adjective

polymorph : Noun

polymorphism : Noun

polymorphously : Adverb

polymorphically : Adverb

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