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May 19, 2008

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( Noun )

Pronunciation : kwee-�ss-nse


1. The condition of being temporarily inactive

2. Quiet and inactive restfulness


  • A quiescent prominence is a long, sheet-like prominence of relatively cool solar material that hangs nearly vertically to the Sun's surface for days or months.

  • In behavioral neuroscience, quiescence refers to a behavior where an animal is vigilant but relaxed and immobile. This may be related to a recuperative response after an encounter with a predator.

  • Quiescence may refer to Computer server administration, particularly pertaining to backup issues. Backups of databases and filesystems represent the state of a collection of information at a particular point in time. Often, administrators prefer to back up a quiescent system in which all pending database or file transactions have been committed.

  • Etymology:

    Early 17th century - Latin quiescent - present participle of quiescere - come to rest


    abeyance, abeyancy, dormancy, intermission, latency, suspension, quiescency, sleeping


    action, agility, alacrity

    Contextual Examples:

    � Our company is in a state of affairs that will bring quiescence with cessation of the discomfort.

    � If gentlemen approach her chair, a deeper quiescence, a meeker modesty settles on her features, and clothes her general mien; observe then her eyebrows, et dites-moi s'il n'y a pas du chat dans l'un et du renard dans l'autre.

    � She folded herself in the large chair, and leaned her head against it in fatigued quiescence, while Tantripp went away wondering at this strange contrariness in her young mistress--that just the morning when she had more of a widow's face than ever, she should have asked for her lighter mourning which she had waived before.

    � Deeds will be done; while be boasts his quiescence.

    Related Words:

    quiescent : Adjective

    quiescently : Adverb

    quiescency : Noun

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