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December 11, 2007

Wednesday, 12th December 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Verb )

{past and past participle - rescinded : present participle - rescinding : 3rd person present singular - rescinds}

Pronunciation : ri-s�nd

1. To make void, repeal or annul

2. To cancel officially


Mid-16th century - Latin rescindere - cut back - scindere - to cut


withdraw, annul, cancel, repeal, overturn, quash, void, retract, revoke, make null and void


allow, approve, enact, enforce, permit, authorize

Contextual Examples:

� One party to a contract may violate it--break it, so to speak. But does it not require all to lawfully rescind it?

� When did the lawmakers rescind the questioned regulation?

Related Words :

1. rescindable: Adjective

2. rescinder: Noun

3. rescindment: Noun

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