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March 21, 2008

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( Verb & Noun )

Past and past participle : rummaged
Present participle : rummaging
3rd person present singular : rummages

Pronunciation : r�m-mij

Definition : Verb

1. to make a rapid search for or through something by carelessly moving and disarranging things

2. to find something by searching

3. to make an energetic usually hasty search

Definition : Noun

1. a thorough search for or through something

2. a confusion of miscellaneous articles

3. a thorough search among a number of things


15th century - Old French arrumage - arrangement of cargo in a ship - run - ship's hold - Dutch ruim - space

Synonyms : Verb

comb, delve, dig out, disarrange, disarray, disorder, disorganize, disrupt, disturb, examine, explore, ferret out, fish, forage, grub, hunt, jumble, mess up, mix up, poke, rake, root, scour, search, seek, shake, shake down, spy, toss

Synonyms : Noun

coursing, exploration, field sport, following, frisking, game, hounding, hunting, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, interrogation, investigation, look-see, meddling, probe, prosecution, prying, pursuance, pursuing, pursuit, quest, race, raid, reconnaissance, research, rummage, scrutiny, search, seeking, sifting, snooping, sporting, steeplechase, study, tracing, trailing

Antonyms : Verb

order, organize

Antonyms : Noun

line, order, peace

Contextual Examples:

� She rummaged through the drawer to find her favorite pen.

� I generally go on a cupboard rummage after reading Pickwick.

� Now, I'll teach you to rummage my bookshelves. For they are mine. All the house belongs to me or will do in a few years.

� It is the nightly custom of every good mother after her children are asleep to rummage in their minds and put things straight for next morning.

Related Words:

rummager : Noun

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