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May 02, 2008

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( Verb & Noun )

Past and past participle : solaced
Present participle : solacing
3rd person present singular : solaces

Pronunciation : s�l-less


1. comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

2. somebody or something that provides comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

3. to comfort somebody at a time of sadness, grief or disappointment

4. to give hope to in time of grief or pain


13th century - Via French - Latin solatium - solari - to comfort


consolation, console, soothe, comfort, peace, give comfort, peace


trouble, upset, worry, discord, disharmony

Contextual Examples:

� They solaced their wretchedness, however, by duets after supper.

� The third are gratiosi, favorites; such as exceed not this scantling, to be solace to the sovereign, and harmless to the people.

� The minister's visit was the dying man's only solace.

� His poverty drove him to seek increasing solace in alcohol.

� His music was a solace to me during my illness.

� Surrounded by unhappiness at home, John Sr. early on found solace and certainty in the realm of science and technology.

� But immediately afterwards he dispels the agony by finding his customary solace in tales of chivalry.

� It provided some solace that three large, highly conservative insurance companies were willing to bet on my life.

� Lillian's Lutheranism, with its harsh creed that suffering was a sign of God's favor, solaced her.

Related Words:

solacer : Noun

solacee : Noun - Plural

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