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March 05, 2008

Wednesday, 5th March 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun & Verb )

Pronunciation : w�l-ter

Definition : Noun

1. a confused or jumbled mass of something

2. a state of confusion or chaos or a disorderly or chaotic situation

3. a surging, rolling or heaving motion made by the sea or waves

4. BOXING : in professional boxing, a weight category for competitors who weigh between 61 kg (135 lb) and 66.5 kg (147 lb) ( informal )

Definition : Verb

Past and past participle : weltered
Present participle : weltering
3rd person present singular : welters

1. to wallow or roll around in something

2. to lie soaked or bathed in water, blood or some other liquid

3. to be completely or deeply involved, absorbed or entangled in something

4. to surge, roll or heave in the sea or waves

5. to move about in an indolent or clumsy manner


14th century - Middle Dutch or Middle Low German - welteren - roll


flurry, jumble, mass, confusion, muddle, delight, derive pleasure, enjoy, indulge, luxuriate, relish, revel, rollick, savor, take comfort, take pleasure, wallow


calm, calmness, peace, quiet, serenity, stillness, tranquility

Contextual Examples:

� They found the shore through the mighty welter.

� We did not expect the welter that followed the surprise attack.

� The City Management had to do some thing to get rid of the pigs weltering about happily in the mud.

� To welter in setbacks, confusion and despair is to kill your time.

� The book is associated especially in my mind with one golden day of Indian summer when I carried it into the woods with me and abandoned myself to a welter of emotion over its page.

� He left nothing behind him except a welter of debts and threats of legal proceedings.

Related Words:

weltered : Tense

weltering : Tense

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