e, ec & ef

ROOT-WORDS are the three-fold changes (E, EC & EF) of the Prefix EXAll these ROOT-WORDS mean OUT. The first change was to drop the X which is an awkward letter to use, so we have E standing alone. Then the X was changed to C making the ROOT-WORD EC. The last change I’m sure you guessed – assimilation of X with F so we have EF. E, EC & EF = OUT.

1. Eject: E ject (e jekt’) v.

To throw out

2. Ejaculate: E jaculate (e jak’ yu late) v.

To call out; exclaim

3. Elaborate: E laborate (e jak’ yu late) v.

To work out carefully

4. Emanate: E manate (em’ a nate) v.

To flow out; as, fragrance from roses

5. Eccentric: EC centric (ek sen’ trik) adj. Having a different center; odd ways

6. Eclipse: EC lipse ( e klips’) v. Darken; to hide; as, an eclipse of the sun

7. Ecstasy: EC stasy (ek’ sta see) n. Joy out of control; overwhelming emotion

8. Eczema: EC zema (ek zee’ ma) n.

A breaking out of the skin

9. Effect: EF fect (e fekt’) n.

The outcome; result

10. Effete: EF fete (e fete’) adj.

Lacking fertility; worn out; tired

11. Effort: EF for (ef’ fort) n.

Exertion of strength; an attempt

12. Effulgent: EF fulgent (e ful’ jent) adj.

Shining out; brilliant; as, effulgent rays of the sun

13. Efflux: EF flux (ef’ lunks) n.

A flowing out

14. Effusion: EF fusion (e fyue’ zhun) n.

A pouring out; an escape of fluids

15. Effusive: EF fusive (e fyue’ sive) adj.

Pouring forth freely; gushing

16. Effervesce: EF fervesce (ef er ves’) v.

To bubble; display liveliness

17. Effervescent: EF fervescent (ef er ves’ ent) adj.

Bubbling; lively

18. Effeminate: EF feminate (e fem’ I naf) adj.

Wanting in manliness; having qualities that are feminine

19. Efficient: EF ficient (e fish’ ent) adj.

Very capable; produces results

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