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Teacher and Kannan

Teacher : What is the trouble with him?

Kannan : Sir, he has fainted.

Teacher : What is the reason?

Kannan : He came to school without taking breakfast.

Teacher : What is his father?

Kannan : His father is an Accounts Officer in the Taluk Office.

Teacher : Do you know the phone number of this house?

Kannan : Sir, I don't know. But I know his father and the office.

Teacher : Then go and inform him.

Kannan : Yes, Sir. I shall go.

Teacher : Give him water and hot tea.

Kannan : Yes, Sir.

Words to Know

  1. Trouble
  2. Fainted
  3. Reason
  4. Breakfast
  5. Office
  6. Phone
  7. Officer
  8. Inform

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