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Economic and Economical :

How to use the suffix : -al?

Economic/economical is similarly difficult. If we are talking about the economic situation or the economic outlook of a country, i.e. where we are discussing the economy, then the adjectival suffix -ic is preferred:

  • The economic outlook in this country is now bleaker than at any time in the last ten years.

  • However, if we are talking about making personal economies and saving money, we tend to use
    economical. Economical also means using the minimum amount of time or energy. Study the following:

  • This car is not very economical. It only does 15 miles to the gallon.

  • Storage heaters are extremely economical because they run on night-time electicity.

  • Politicians are invariably economical with the truth.

  • We wanted to make the most economical use of our time as we had only half a day there.

  • Other adjectival suffixes are much more clear-cut. If we are discussing science and technology, there is no choice: the adjectival forms are quite clearly
    scientific and technological:

  • Scientific investigation revealed that the dinosaur footprints were from the Cretaceous period.

  • Japan is one of the most technologically advanced nations.

  • Examples :

  • Although he came from Genoa in Italy, Christopher Columbus is often thought of as a famous Spanish explorer.

  • To be left by the roadside bleeding to death is a horrific way to die.

  • Many people believe that a diet rich in vitamins is very healthy.

  • It was such an expensive present that I was too embarrassed to accept it.

  • It is no longer fashionable to wear high platform heels.

  • I am hopeful that she will leave hospital next week.

  • We went to see an excellent photographic exhibition last week.

  • Everybody was wearing national dress at the parade.

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