Electric or Electrical

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Electric or Electrical :

How to use the Adjectival suffixes: -ic and -ical?

We use
electrical to describe systems, industries, components and certain machines or devices. Consider the following:

  • Electrical appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers use a lot of electricity.

  • My new car has electrically-operated windows.

  • My house was full of electrical and electronic (note: not ‘electronical’) equipment.

  • The electrical and mechanical engineering industries are doing well at the present time.

  • The Electrical Sector plans new measures for next year.

  • We use
    electric to describe things to do with current and voltage, simpler machines and devices and the atmosphere. Consider the following:

  • An electric fire in winter and an electric fan in summer were all I needed.

  • The electric wiring in this house needs to be renewed.

  • The atmosphere was electric when Tina Turner came on stage.

  • It very much depends upon context as to which one you use.

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