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Any advance involves some loss.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement above? Choose a specific example from personal experience, current events, or from your reading in history, literature or other subjects and use this example as the basis of your essay.


Since the beginning of time, men have sought out ways to make life easier. When the first human discovered and used fire for a means of protection, he started civilization on the upward climb on a downhill road.

All through history, the discovery of one great good has brought about the discovery of one great evil. When atomic power was used to operate machines and to create weapons, very few people realized its deadly capabilities. After Hiroshima was bombed during World War II, there was great rejoicing for the allies because it signified an end to the war. But, for the Japanese, it signified a horror that will always be remembered. The bomb and the lingering radiations destroyed acres of land and wildlife along with thousands of people who one day might have discovered the cure for the disease or famine. When the bomb was dropped, the war ended and many responsibilities also ended.

The same thing holds true with refrigerator coolants and the ozone. When the coolants were first marketed, they were considered a great step forward for man. It is much easier to store foods which only years before would have had to be used immediately. But with the use of these coolants, there came a high price. During manufacturing and use of the coolants, the ozone layer was slowly eaten away. By the year 2050 there will be no ozone. And then the people will be in position to wear protective clothing just to go outside.

It appears that no matter what we use to advance ourselves, we continually bring about the loss of something needed to survive. Hopefully in the future, man and nature will be able to advance together.

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