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A person you know is planning to move to your city or town. What do you think this person would like or dislike about living in your city or town. Why? Use specific reasons and details to support you answer.


I assume my friend who is living in New Delhi is planning to visit my town, which is a small town of 20,000 people.

My town is relatively small in size and in infrastructure. More villages are around it for trading their agricultural products. Mt friend will like my town for the village beauty attached to it. The cultivated lands with their beauty and their food-grains will attract my friend. He will like to know where his foods come from. Since, he is interested in natural beauty and the simplicity, he will be naturally attracted towards the villages and their people.

The innocence of the people living in this town will be another source of his happiness. He once told me that the people living in large towns are cunning and self-centered. The innocence of the people, living in my town with their simplicity and spontaneous affection, will make him a poet of good nature. The interpersonal helping tendency of the people has already got the attention of the media. A news paper, few months back, wrote a lengthy article about the humanistic mentality of the people. This natural inclination of the people is the sustaining factor for the compact integrity that is found in the society. He will like this character of the people very much.

Having seen the creamy side of my town, let us see the gloomy side of my town. There are no many avenues for out-door entertainment in my town. Since he was born and brought up in town, he is naturally inclined towards out door entertainment. The shortage of such an avenue for entertainment will make him dislike this town. He always dislikes being confined to the four walls of a house. But, for his understanding nature he will not make a noise out of this shortage.

My down does not have internet facilities. He is used to browse internet quite often and to make use of internet to enrich his knowledge base. Since his friends are all around the world, internet is the best medium for his to get in touch with them all. Unavailability of the internet facilities will make him feel isolated. Making phone calls to all the friends will be costly at the same time consuming. He will dislike these shortages that my town faces.

But, being a man of great understanding and lovable characters, he will not make a noise out of the lack of facilities which he deserves to enjoy. Instead, he will enjoy the nature and the characters of the people of my town and will feel at home in my town.

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