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Some people believe that newspapers are the best source of news. Other people think that news is presented better on radio or television.

Which of these sources of news do you prefer? Use specific examples to support your choice.


Newspaper have been giving is information about people and the world we live in way before radio and television was invented. It has satisfied our curiosity about the events that happen half way across the world and also about the latest news in out neighborhood. With the advent of radio and the television, the question is whether newspapers have outgrown their usefulness or not.

Since I have been raised on radio and television, my answer to this question is biased. I would most certainly prefer live televised news than read old stories in the newspapers. One very good example is the recent Gulf war between USA and its allies on one side and Iraq on the other side. I found my self glued in front of the TV watching CNN give the latest on the war. By the time the news paper came out, a new development had already begun. What is the news of the news papers if the news they print is already old? Have they become obsolete? Why do I find my dad endlessly poring over the news in the daily paper?

Recently, I found myself without a radio or television set. I could not satisfy my hunger for the things happening around me. I finally bought a newspaper and started reading. I found myself caught in the mystique of the newspaper. There was something in there, but I could not point it out. The news seemed more complete. It has more feeling. I found myself understanding why things happened instead of just how it happened. I was starting to see what made events happened instead of finding out when it happened. I realized why so many people still read the news paper.

If I were asked which I would prefer, newspaper or radio and television, I would choose both. For the late-breaking, live kinds of news, radio and television have it over the newspaper. For a more in-depth analysis of the news, nothing can beat the ever reliable newspaper.

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