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Essay Topic

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents are the best teachers.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


I am the first son to my parents. There are two sisters and two brothers for me. Now, I am the family-head taking care of all of them. My father is a polio patient with parallelized legs. But he is a man of high discipline and right-thinking. He still reads extensively. My mother is a house-wife. She reared us in a perfect manner which imported all the good virtues for us to live happily and intelligently. The manner in which my parents lived taught me more than other formal educational systems taught me.

By this time, you might have realized the stance that I take here. Yes. I whole heartedly support this statement that Parents are the best teachers.

Think independently. This is the first lesson that I learned form my parents. They always take a view and analyze it from all possible view before taking a final decision. They rarely head their instinct. Their intelligence in all their endeavors is the root cause of their success. They have given us adequate freedom to stand on our emotions and knowledge. This ability to stand on our own individuality is what I inherited from my parents.

Observe forgiveness. I have taken few wrong decisions in the past. But my parents gave an opportunity to rectify those mistakes and to go in the right direction. Their senses of dignity and of forgiveness imparted the values of magnanimity and honor to me. I realized that forgiveness and respect would take a man to his respective position in the society.

Be responsible to you duties. This is another lesson that learned form my parents. They have executed all their duties in time with their at most care and efforts. This sense of responsibility has given them immense happiness which we could not buy in any departmental store. If my parents had not been responsible, we would not have earned this dignity and happiness that we enjoy now.

For these three reasons and the three virtues that I have in me now, I strongly believe that parents are the beast teachers.

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