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Any advance involves some loss.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement above? Choose a specific example from personal experience, current events, or from your reading in history, literature or other subjects and use this example as the basis of your essay.


Advancement is a common term used in the school and business world today. Like many competitive students in the world, I was given the opportunity to advance to the higher level of Mathematics during my middle school years. That period involved a significant loss in my social life.

At the beginning of my sixth grade year, I was advanced to the seventh grade pre-algebra class. My parents approved of this action taken by the school authorities. And I too was very excited. However I struggled with an inner conflict for a quiet period of time. By advancing to a higher level, I was leaving my friends behind. Due to jealousy and other factors, my friends began to ridicule and exclude me. I wanted to remain at the higher math level where I would actually be challenged on the daily basis on the difficulty of the materials. Yet, I did not want to be excluded by my friends. I struggled with this conflict for approximately for two weeks. During that time, I was alone. Every one had excluded me. Yes. Deserted me.

Now, if I think about the situation, I am glad to have remained in the higher math class. Although I lost my old friends, I was able too conclude that if they were my true friends, they would not have left me. Instead they should have supported me.

Although this advancement in my educational life got rid me of few friends, at that time, my education was of high priority in my life. Perhaps, if I was faced with this same conflict today, I believe I would once again sacrifice my friendships for the sake of advancement in my education.

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