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In general people live longer now.

Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.


I strongly believe that people all around the world are living linger now than the people in the past lived. A statistical report released by the World Health Organization says that the average life span of a man/woman in 2000 is 71 whereas the average life span of an man/woman lived in 1975 was only 58. This increase in the life span is a tremendous growth that the world community has achieved in a quarter century.

The advancements in the medicinal field and in the agricultural field are the root cause for the increase in the life span of a man. We do not have famine now. In the first decade of this century itself, the world community had experienced famine in long scale. India and South Africa have lost hundreds and hundreds of their people because of unavailability of food and works. The precious loss man power to famine is the indication that unavailability of food was the main reason for the short life span of the people lived then.

Now, the agricultural science has grown phenomenally. The yield, per acre, has gone tremendously. All the countries have stock in their warehouses for their people. If the agricultural science has not attained this growth, the famine would have become an ordinary affair.

The advancements in the medicinal field are also another reason for the increase in the longevity of the people now. We have eradicated polio, chicken box and few other diseases which reduced the life span of the people lived then. The unavailability of the proper medicines for these diseases resulted in more and more deaths. And it also reduced the average life span of many people. Now, chicken box and polio are matters of history. Almost all the diseases can be cured with medicines available now in the market. Only few go without proper medicines like AIDS, cancer and the like.

The absence of famine and the advancements of the sciences especially agricultural and medicinal one are main reasons for the prolonged life span of the people living around the world.

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