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It is better for the children to grow up in the country side rather than in the big city side?

Do you agree or disagree? Use specific examples and reasons to develop your essay.


The cities have the typical work environment and other infrastructural facilities. Whereas, The villages have the natural environment. Both these background are needed for the children now a days to grow into healthy, intellectually alert and emotionally balanced life. But, we have to look at that which is the best for the today’s children to grow.

I do not agree with this statement. I take a stance that it is better for a child toady to grow in the city side rather than in a country side for its all-rounded development.

The intellectual background which determines the success of the children in the future is abundantly available in the cities rather than in the villages. The children are exposed to the people, like doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, business people, architects, in the cities only. Such an exposure prepares the children emotionally for their future profession. They meet those people, their role models, periodically in order to get suggestions. This kind of exposure is totally missing in Villages.

The interaction of the children with other people during their educational period prepares them for an emotionally matured future. The children learn how to behave in a work environment, how to communicate with different sorts of people, how to improve their skills needed for their profession, how to remain balanced during adverse times only in towns. Where as the children growing in villages do not have such an opportunity to expose themselves to different types of situations. This keeps them behind in the advancement of their otherwise good life.

More over, the availability of magazines, journals, news papers etc. which are must now a days for a child to keep itself abreast of what is going on around us. The television which is available all over the world may not fulfill the completeness of news-papers which alone would give the complete news coverage since the broadcast media have their own short comings. For getting up to date news and news in detail, the city is the best place rather than a village. The access to the place where the news in detail is available is not available to the children growing in the villages.

These are only few reasons which I have mentioned in support of my stance that today’s children had better grow in city side rather than in the country side.

* This essay got the maximun of 6 marks.

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