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Essay Writing :

Essay writing is a compulsory for the students who are expected to improve their writing skills and command over English language. The students have to practise well to improve their command over languages. This is not a one-day job. Continuous practice alone will provide the required and expected results. These skills will produce miracles in your lives over the period of time. We have produced few essays which can be rewritten in any form according to your needs and demands. There are 1000s of topics which you can use to have practice for honing your skills over writing skills. What we have presented is only samples which will give you glimpses on what is what is HERE. The rest should be learned step by step while the process of practising is on.

My Favourite Player
My Ambition in Life
I am Proud of My Country.
My Hobby
Pleasures of Reading
Freedom of The Press
Dowry System-A Curse
AIDS Awareness Programmes
The Evils of Drinking Liquor
Role of Women in Modern India
Pollution And Ecological Problems
Computer Science for Progress
Science is A Good Servant but A Bad Master.
Need for Forest Conservation

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