Synonyms & Antonyms : Extravagant


( Adjective )

His extravagant tastes and habits explain why he is always in debt.

Synonyms :










Contextual Examples:

He is a spoiled son of a rich father, unreasonable in demands and not amendable to argument.

Government is trying its best to economize on wasteful expenditure in day-to-day administration.

His excessive love for money was brought him all these difficulties.

The old man consumed an immoderate amount of wine and fell asleep, never to rise.

Inordinate delay in finalization of minor details can cause failure of the project.

He consumed his inherited wealth with too lavish a hand.

The prodigal number of eggs laid by the fish ensures the survival of the species.

They gave profuse thanks to the industrialist for his contribution to the orphanage.

He is bit worried about his spendthrift brother who squanders a fortune on each dress.










Contextual Examples:

The price of these shoes seems reasonable.

We must make judicious use of our voting right.

The climate of Bombay is moderate throughout the year.

The girl is very thrifty, so many of her friends dislike her.

An economic use of water and electricity is required to get rid of water and power crisis in the cities.

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