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Facing Interviews is what we all have done or we are going to do. Many students come out successfully. Others fail there. Although facing interview is a tough task for all of us, we can come out successfully if we follow certain tactics and maintain cool composure. First of all we have to understand what the interviewing people want out of the students and what the students should expect from the interviewers.

The I.A.S. Selection Interview :

Characters :

Rahul and Interviewer

Rahul : Excuse me sir, May I have your attention please?

Interviewer : Yes come in. Take your seat. Tell me something about you.

Rahul : Thank you sir. I am Rahul from Karisalpatti.

Interviewer : Karisalpatti. Where is it?

Rahul : It is in Tamil Nadu.

Interviewer : Your marks in the examination show that you are excellent in general knowledge. How did you gather information and acquire this skill?

Rahul : I am a voracious reader, first of all.

Interviewer : How did you know the current events?

Rahul : I read news paper daily and hence the current events are known to me.

Interviewer : Good. You have to undergo a vigorous training. Are you ready to face it?

Rahul : I can face any type of training sir.

Interviewer : That's a spirit. Your training takes place in New Delhi. Report there before 25th instant.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Interviewer : Do you opt for any other place?

Rahul : No. I don't.

Interviewer : Can you get accustomed to the climate of Delhi?

Rahul : Yes sir. I can easily adapt my self to any climate.

Interviewer : Good. All the best.

Rahul : Thank you so much Sir.

Words to Know

  1. Something
  2. Where
  3. General Knowledge
  4. News Paper
  5. Vigorous
  6. Face
  7. Climate
  8. Adapt
  9. Accustomed
  10. Instant

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