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Find Out The Parts Of Speech of the
bold words. (Noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb)

  1. Pilot is a beautiful pen. (Noun)

  2. She is going by car. (Pronoun)

  3. Kamala will come soon. (Verb)

  4. Monday is the first day of the week. (Adjective)

  5. We celebrate the festival. (Verb)

  6. Elephant is a big animal. (Noun)

  7. We were kindly received. (Adverb)

  8. The sun rises in the east. (Verb)

  9. He scored a century. (Pronoun)

  10. He showed much patience. (Adjective)

  11. He is sleeping. (Verb)

  12. I have enough sugar. (Adjective)

  13. India is our country. (Noun)

  14. He got up early. (Adverb)

  15. We are tired. (Pronoun)

  16. He is running fast. (Pronoun)

  17. Kolkata is a big city. (Adjective)

  18. Kannan cleaned the room. (Verb)

  19. She came late. (Adverb)

  20. Swimming is a healthy exercise. (Adjective)

  21. Mary Curie discovered radium. (Noun)

  22. She is a doctor. (Pronoun)

  23. The boy looks intelligent. (Verb)

  24. Iron is a useful metal. (Adjective)

  25. Students entered the class quietly. (Adverb)

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