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Find Out The Parts Of Speech of the
bold words. (Noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb)

  1. You should not talk.

  2. They painted the box.

  3. The fat man sat comfortably.

  4. His father is a famous man.

  5. They made him captain.

  6. We took photograph.

  7. Delhi is a big city.

  8. I like stories.

  9. Geetha is a pretty girl.

  10. Gopi is fighting courageously.

  11. He spoke politely.

  12. Rose is a lovely flower.

  13. My friend refused my offer gently.

  14. Gopal is a careful driver.

  15. The water is very cool.

  16. Sachin plays cricket.

  17. He is my brother.

  18. Seetha runs quickly.

  19. Geetha is a beautiful girl.

  20. Siva is a singer.

  21. Rama is a hero.

  22. She is singing well.

  23. It rained suddenly.

  24. Somu is a nice boy.

  25. Meena went to the library.


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