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Find Out The Parts Of Speech of the
bold words. (Noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb)

  1. Pilot is a beautiful pen.

  2. She is going by car.

  3. Kamala will come soon.

  4. Monday is the first day of the week.

  5. We celebrate the festival.

  6. Elephant is a big animal.

  7. We were kindly received.

  8. The sun rises in the east.

  9. He scored a century.

  10. He showed much patience.

  11. He is sleeping.

  12. I have enough sugar.

  13. India is our country.

  14. He got up early.

  15. We are tired.

  16. He is running fast.

  17. Kolkata is a big city.

  18. Kannan cleaned the room.

  19. She came late.

  20. Swimming is a healthy exercise.

  21. Mary Curie discovered radium.

  22. She is a doctor.

  23. The boy looks intelligent.

  24. Iron is a useful metal.

  25. Students entered the class quietly.


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