First Day at School

First Day at School :

Margi and her parents had moved to a new town. Margi had to go to a new kindergarten. On the day before she had to go to school, Margi was scared.

“Momma, why did father have to get a new job in this town? I feel so frightened of going to a new school.” She sobbed.

“Do not worry, Margi. Everything will be fine,” consoled Momma.

“You can make lots of friends. And you will also have new books to learn. Won’t that be fun?”

“No. It won’t be,” said Margi. “See, I have 20 big butterflies in my tummy. They are flying all around. I think I am going to be sick.”

“There are no butterflies in your stomach, Margi,” said Momma. “You had bread and milk for supper, not butterflies. When you are afraid of something, your stomach goes “Flutter…flutter…that is all.”

The next morning Margi woke up and got ready for school. But the 20 butterflies were still fluttering about in her tummy. They refused to go away.

Soon, Margi stood outside her new school class-room holding her mother’s hand.

“Come in, Margi,”said the teacher, Mrs. Thomas.

Margi held her mother’s hand tighter than before. She refused to move into the school.

Mrs. Thomas came closer and bent towards Margi. “you know Margi, when I saw you, I was so frightened. I think…I have a big growing dionasaur in my stomach.”

Margi was surprised. “How can you be frightened of me?” she whispered. “You are a teacher.”

“Yes…I am a teacher. But I am scared,” smiled Mrs. Thomas. “If you come in and start sobbing, that will set of other children too. If all of you cry at the top of your voices, the dinosaur in my stomach will grow angrily. Would that not frighten me?”

“I have only butterflies. But you have a big bad dinosaur,” said margi kindly.”May be if I come in and sit without crying, he will go away from your tummy.”

So Margi came in and sat down, she was as quiet as a mouse. Mrs. Thomas introduced Margi to the class. Margi felt happy as she looked around. Her new classmates did not look so bad after all.

That evening when the class was over, Margi crept up to Mrs. Thomas who was writing in her book.

“Please Man…I did not cry the whole day. Did the growly dinosaur go away?”

“It is sure…it did...” smiled Mrs. Thomas.

“And did the 20 butterflies go away.”

“Of course...They did.” Cried Margi, “They fluttered out of the window into the garden.”

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