Oxymorons : Food

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All Natural Artificial Flavor

Big Sip

Bitter Sweet

Black Russian (Cocktail)

Boneless Ribs

Buffalo Wings

Canned Fresh

Cheese Steak

Chili (Refers to hot)

Cream Soda

Decaffinated (Decaf) Coffee

Diet Cream

Diet Ice Cream

Dry Beer

Dry Ice

Dry Martini

Dry Wine

Fat-Free Cream

Fat-Free Ice Cream

Freeze Dried

Fresh Dried Fruit

Fresh from Concentrate

Fresh Frozen

Fried Ice Cream

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Good Fast Food

Gourmet Fast Food

Grape Nuts

Hot Chili

Hot Ice Cream

Ice Tea

Ice Water

Indian Made Foreign Liquor

Jumbo Shrimp

Junk Food

Low Fat

Low-Fat Cream

Low-Fat Ice Cream

Low-Fat Margarine

Meatless Meat

Medium Well

Melted Ice

Natural Additives

Naturally Artificial

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Non-dairy Creamer

Non-Fat Cream

Non-Fat Ice Cream

Oven Fried

Pepper Cherry


Plastic Glasses

Plastic Silverware

Plastic Straw

Scottish Danish (Pastry)

Semi Boneless

Sliced Live Fish (sign in fish harbour)

Sour Candy

Steam Grilled

String Cheese

Sugarless Candy

Sweet and Sour

Twelve-Ounce Pound Cake

Vegetarian Hamburger

Vegetarian Meatball

Well Done (Over-cooked Steak)

White Chocolate

Oxymoronic Quotes and Sayings : Food

  • I never eat before breakfast. - W.C. Fields, referring to his drinking habit

  • She used to diet on any kind of food she could lay her hands on. - Arthur Baer, American comic and columnist

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