Forces & Their Strength and Use

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We have designed these projects on
Forces & Their Strength and Use to help you and your child search for useful ideas and tips for your experiments. Here, you will find literally hundreds of experiments of every kind in every discipline of science from chemistry, biology, physics to even human psychology.

Also, experience shows that many people find it helpful to learn from what others already know. We strongly suggest that instead of copying these experiments blindly, you should try to understand the principles demonstrated and then take those principles and apply them to your own experiment in a different and more creative way.

It's our sincerest hope that the information provided by these pages will serve you well in guiding and inspiring your child.

Many classroom experiments can be used as the beginnings of an excellent science project.

Here are some examples.

  1. Centre of Gravity
  2. The Principle of Roof Building
  3. See-Saws and Levers
  4. Air Turbines
  5. Making Work Easy With Pulleys
  6. Weight and How It Changes
  7. Balancing Point
  8. Size and Force
  9. Floating and Sinking
  10. Making a Weighing Scale
  11. Force
  12. Effect of Acceleration Due To Gravity
  13. Density and Weight
  14. Water Turbines
  15. Friction

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