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Fill in the blanks with suitable foreign words choosing from those given in brackets.

[post–mortem, enrobete, viva – vise, alter ego, par excellence, bungalow, chauffeur, ad hoc, post-mortem, viz]

  1. There will be a viva-vise examination at the end of the course.

  2. I shall visit my sister enrobete to Mumbai.

  3. As the man had died in an accident, a post-mortem was conducted.

  4. No one can sing like Smt. Ms. Subbulakshmi. She is a singer par excellence.

  5. Miss Latha is my alter ego.

  6. The doctors conducted a post mortem confirm the murder.

  7. The collector lives in a big bungalow.

  8. His chauffeur glad in uniform, drives him to his office.

  9. The opinion of the cream of the society viz the intellectuals needs to be respected.

  10. The government has announced certain ad hoc measures to contain the epidemic.

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