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Fill in the blanks with suitable foreign words choosing from those given in brackets.

[status quo, sine die, extempore, alias, elite, incognito, catamaran, via, Bonafide, enmasse]

  1. The so called elite schools charge hefty sums as fees.

  2. The Supreme Court has ordered that status quo should be maintained with regard to the I.M.S.

  3. Due to the strike of the workers, the factory has been closed sine die.

  4. Though he gave an extempore speech, it was very effective.

  5. Krishnamoorthy alias Kittu is wanted by the police in connection with many crimes.

  6. During the war in Sri Lanka, people began to return to India bonafide.

  7. They used catamaran to cross the seas.

  8. They entered into India via Rameshwaram.

  9. The incognito immigrants were given an asylum.

  10. Some extremists so came enmasse as refugees.

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