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Here is the complete list of Foreign Words and Phrases beginning with A.

  1. A bon chat (F) = to a good cat / well matched

  2. A chaque saint sa chandelle (F) = to every saint his candle

  3. A mensa et toro (L) = from bed to board

  4. A nos moutons (L) = let us return to our sheeps

  5. A verbis ad verbera (L) = from words to blows

  6. A vieux comptes nouvelles disputes (F) = all accounts breed new disputes

  7. Ab imo pectore (L) = from the bottom of the heart

  8. Ab initio = from the very beginning

  9. Ab ovo usque ad mala (L) = from the beginning to the end

  10. Ab ovo usque ad mala (L) = from the eggs to the apples

  11. Abiit (L) = he is gone.

  12. Actum est de republica (L) = it is all up with the sate.

  13. Ad hoc = established for the special purpose

  14. Ad libitum = as much as you please

  15. Ad majorem Dei gloriam (L) = for the greater glory of God / The Jesus Motto

  16. Ad vitam aut culpam (L) = for life or till fault

  17. Ad vitam aut culpam (L) = for life unless misconduct necessitates dismissal

  18. Ad vitam aut culpam (L) = of appointments

  19. Aide-toi, le ciel t aidera (F) = help yourself the heaven will help you

  20. Alamort = very ill

  21. Alias = also known as

  22. Aliquid haeret (L) = something sticks

  23. Allah il allah = there is no god but god

  24. Alma mater = mother institutions

  25. Alpha and omega = beginning and end

  26. Alter ego = bosom friend

  27. Alter ipse amicus (L) = a friend is another self

  28. Alumni = ex-student of a college

  29. Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur (L) = to be in love and to be wise is scarce granted even to god

  30. Anno domini = in the year of the Lord A.D.

  31. Antant d’hommes autant dávis = so many men so many minds

  32. Après moi nous le deluge (F) = after me the deluge

  33. Aquila non capit muscas (L) = an eagle does not catch flies

  34. Arcades ambo (L) = two of the same stamp

  35. Argumentum = an argument

  36. Ariston men hydor (G) = water is best.

  37. Ars est celare artem (L) = true art is to conceal art.

  38. Ars longa – vita brevis (L) = art is long. Life is short.

  39. At spes non fracta (L) = but hope is not yet crushed.

  40. Atra cura (L) = black care

  41. Au bout de son latin (F) = at his wit’s end

  42. Au bout de son latin (F) = at the end of his knowledge

  43. Au bout de son latin (F) = at the end of his Latin

  44. Au royaume des aveugles les borgnes sont rois (F) = in the king-dome of blinds, one-eyed is the king.

  45. Audentes fortuna juvat (L) = fortune favours the daring

  46. Audi alteram partem (L) = hear the other side

  47. Aufgeschobers ist nicht aufgehobes = put off is not giving up.

  48. Aujour hui roi , demain rien (F) = king today nothing tomorrow

  49. Auri sacra fames (F) = accused hunger for gold

  50. Aussitot dit aussitot fait (F) = no sooner than than done

  51. Austrine est imperare orbi universe (F) = it is Austria’s part to command the whole world.

  52. Aut amat aut odit mulier, nihil est tertium (L) = a woman either loves or hates. There is no third course.

  53. Aut insanity homo aut versus facit (L) = either man is mad or he is making verses

  54. Aut non tentaris aut perfice (L) = either do not attempt or achieve

  55. Aut regem aut fatum nasci oportet (L) = one should be born either a king or a fool

  56. Aut vincere aut mori (L) = to conquer or to die

  57. Autant d’hommes autant dávis (F) = so many men so many minds

  58. Aux absents les os (F) = the bones to the absent

  59. Aux grands maux les grands rem edes (F) = to desperate evils desperate remedies

  60. Ave Caesar (imperator) , morituri te salutant (L) = Hail, Caesar, men doomed to die salute thee(said by gladiators)

  61. Avise la fin (F) = weight well in the end

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