Friend of The Rabbit

Friend of The Rabbit :

One day, a rabbit was taking a stroll in the evening. He was busy enjoying the light breeze and the bounty of nature. Suddenly he spotted a fox approaching him. The rabbit got scared and thought of running away. But the fox came up to him and said, "Relax friend, don't be afraid of me. I want to be your friend. I will not harm you."

The fox poured out such sweet talk that soon the rabbit fell right into his trap. Day by day the rabbit became a close friend of the fox.

One day, the fox invited the rabbit for lunch. The rabbit, dressed in his finest suit, reached the fox's house. The fox gave the rabbit a warm welcome. Then he offered him the rabbit's favourite dish carrot juice. But even after drinking the carrot juice, the rabbit was still hungry.

He asked the fox, "Friend, has the lunch not been cooked yet?"

The fox smiled and said, "Mine is ready because I can have raw lunch."

With these words, the fox pounced on the rabbit and ate him up.

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