GRE Word List-G

This is a Complete List of GRE Word List-G.

gadfly= animal-biting fly; irritating person
gaffe =social blunder
gainsay =deny
gait= manner of walking or running; speed
galaxy =large isolated system of stars, such as the Milky Way
gale= windstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughter, tears)
gall =annoy; exasperate; chafe
galleon =large three-masted sailing ship
galley =low ship with sails (rowed along by slaves)
gallows= framework from which a noose is suspended (used for execution by hanging)
galvanic =of the production of electricity by the action of an acid on a metal
galvanize =stimulate or shock by an electric current; stimulate by shock
gambit =opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed
gambol =romp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic
gamely= in a spirited manner; with courage
gamut =entire range
gangrene= decay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply
gape =open widely; open the mouth wide
garbled =mixed up; jumbled; distorted
garble= distort a message to make misleading
gargantuan =huge; enormous; gigantic
gargoyle= waterspout carved in grotesque figures on a building
garish =over bright in color
garner =gather; store up; amass
garnish =decorate; decorate (food or drink) with small items
garrulous= loquacious; wordy; talkative
gastronomy= art and science of preparing and serving good food
gauche =clumsy (in social behavior); coarse and uncouth
gaudy= flashy; showy
gaunt =lean and angular; thin and bony; emaciated; barren
gavel= hammer like tool; mallet used by a presiding officer
gawk =stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe
gazette =official periodical publication
genealogy= record of descent; lineage; ancestry; study of ancestry
generality =vague statement; general statement which is not detailed
generate =cause; produce; create
generic= characteristic of an entire class or species; of a genus
genesis =beginning; origin
geniality =cheerfulness; kindliness; sympathy
genial= cheerful and good-tempered
genre= particular variety of art or literature
genteel =well-bred; elegant
gentility= those of gentle birth; high social class
gentle =kindly; soft; mild; of good family
gentry= people of standing(rank or position)
genuflect= bend the knee as in worship
genus =division of animals or plants, below a family and above a species
geriatrics= medical treatment and care of old age
germ =earliest form of an organism; seed or bud
germane =pertinent; appropriate
germinal= pertaining to a germ; creative
germinate =cause to sprout; sprout

gerontocracy =government ruled by old people
gerontology= study of the sociological state associated with old age
gerrymander= change voting district lines to favor a political party
gestate =evolve as in prenatal growth
Gestation= period of development from conception until birth
gesticulation= motion; gesture
gesticulate= make gestures (while speaking)
ghastly =horrible; terrifying; resembling ghosts
gibberish= nonsense; nonsensical or unintelligible talk or writing; babbling
gibe= mock; make jeering remarks
giddy =light-hearted; not serious; frivolous; dizzy; causing dizziness
gild =cover with a thin layer of gold
gingerly= very carefully
girth =distance around something; circumference
gist =essence; main point; substance
glacial= like a glacier; of an ice age; extremely cold
glamour =compelling charm
glare =shine intensely and blindingly; stare fixedly and angrily
glaring = (of something bad) highly conspicuous; harshly bright
glaze =cover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to
gleam =brief flash of light; glow
glean =gather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers
glib =fluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick
glimmer =shine erratically; twinkle
glitter= shine brightly with flashing points of light
gloat= express evil satisfaction
gloss= brief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression
gloss= over explain away with the intention of deceiving or hiding faults
glossary= brief explanation of words used in the text
glossy =smooth and shining
Gloss= shiny brightness on a surface; superficially attractive appearance
glow =shine brightly without a flame (as of eyes or metals)
glower= scowl; glare; look or stare angrily
glut =overstock; fill beyond capacity (with food)
glutinous= sticky; viscous; gluey
glutton =someone who eats too much
gluttonous= given to gluttony; greedy
gluttony= habit of eating too much
gnarl= protruding knot on a tree
gnarled= twisted
gnome= dwarf; underground spirit who guards treasure hoards
goad =urge on; drive with a goad
gobble =eat very quickly
gorge =stuff oneself (with food); glut
gorgeous= dazzlingly beautiful
gory= bloody
gore= blood (from a wound)
gossamer =sheer; very light; like cobwebs
gouge =overcharge (with high price)
gourmand =epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food
gourmet= connoisseur of food and drink; epicure
gracious =kind in a generous way (to someone less important)
gradation =series of gradual stages; degree in such a progression
graduate= arrange into categories or grades
graduated =arranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.)
granary= storehouse for grain
grandeur= impressiveness; stateliness; majesty
grandiloquent= (of a person or speech) using high sounding words
grandiose =affectedly grand; pretentious; high-flown
granulate= form into grains or granules
granule= grain or particle
graphic= pertaining to the art of delineating; vividly described
graphite= black form of carbon used in lead pencils
grapple= wrestle; come to grips with
grate =make a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect
gratify= please; satisfy
gratis =free; without charge
gratuitous= given freely; unwarranted
gratuity =money given to those who has done one a service; tip
gravity =seriousness
graze= (of an animal) feed on growing grass
gregarious= sociable; (of an animal) tending to form a group
grievance= cause of complaint; complaint
grill =question severely; cook on a grill
grim =causing great fear; unrelenting; determined in spite of fear
grimace= facial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust
grisly =ghastly; horrifying
groom= man employed to take care of horses
groove= long narrow channel made to guide the movement of something
gross =total; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people’s behavior) coarse
grotesque= fantastic, strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement)
grotto =small cavern
grouch= bad-tempered complaint; person who keeps complaining
grouse =complain; fuss; grumble; grouch
grovel =crawl or creep on ground; behave in a servile manner
growl =low, guttural, menacing sound (as of a dog)
grudge =deep feeling of dislike
grudging =unwilling; reluctant; stingy(giving reluctantly)
gruel =thin liquid porridge
gruesome= grisly; horrible
gruff =rough-mannered; (of a voice) rough; hoarse
grumble= complain; mutter discontentedly; grouch
grunt= utter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does)
guffaw= boisterous laughter
guile= deceit; duplicity; wiliness; cunning
guileless= without deceit
guise= outward appearance; costume
gull= trick; deceive; hoodwink
gullible= easily deceived
gush = (of liquid) pour out in large quantities from a hole
gust= strong abrupt rush of wind
gustatory =affecting or relating to the sense of taste
gusto= eager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
gusty= windy
guy= cable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced
gyroscope= apparatus used to maintain balance and to ascertain direction

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