GRE Word List-I

This is a Complete List of GRE Word List-I.

Ichthyology =study of fish

Ichthyo= fish

icon= religious image; idol; image or representation

iconoclastic= attacking cherished traditions

iconoclast: one who attacks traditional ideas; one who destroys sacred images

ideology =system of ideas characteristic of a group or culture

idiom= expression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words

idiosyncrasy= individual trait usually odd in nature; behavioral peculiarity; eccentricity

idle =not working; not employed or busy; lazy

idolatry= worship of idols; excessive admiration or devotion

idyll =short poem idealizing rural life

idyllic =charmingly carefree; simple and happy

igneous =produced by fire; of fire; volcanic

ignite= kindle; light; catch fire or set fire to

ignoble= unworthy; not noble; dishonorable

ignominy= deep disgrace; shame or dishonor

illicit= illegal

illimitable= infinite; limitless

illuminate =brighten; clear up or make understandable; enlighten; enable to understand

illusion =misleading vision or visual image

illusive= deceiving; based on illusion

illusory= illusive; deceptive; not real

imbalance= lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion

imbecility= weakness of mind

imbecile= stupid person; fool

imbibe =drink in

imbroglio= complicated situation (as in a play)

imbue= saturate(soak thoroughly); fill

immaculate =spotless; flawless; absolutely clean

imminent =impending; near at hand

immobility =state of being immovable

immolate =offer or kill as a sacrifice (by fire)

immune= resistant to; free or exempt from

immure =imprison; shut up in confinement

immutable =unchangeable

impair =injure; hurt; damage

impale= pierce (with a sharp point)

impalpable =imperceptible(not easily understood); intangible

palpable= tangible; easily perceptible

impart =grant a share of; make known

impartial =not biased; fair

impassable= not able to be traveled or crossed

impasse= predicament(dangerous condition) from which there is no escape

impassioned = (of speech) filled with passion; fervent

impassive= without feeling; expressionless; imperturbable; stoical

impeach= charge (a public official) with crime in office

impeccable= faultless

impecunious= without money

impede =hide; retard or obstruct the progress of; block

impediment= hindrance; stumbling-block

impel= drive or force onward; drive to take action; urge to action

impending =nearing; approaching; about to happen

impenetrable= not able to be pierced or entered

impenitent =not repentant

imperative =absolutely necessary; that must be done

imperceptible =unnoticeable; impossible to perceive; undetectable

imperial= like an emperor; related to an empire

imperil =put in danger

imperious =domineering; too commanding; haughty

impermeable =impervious; not permitting passage through its substance

impersonal= not being a person; not showing personal feelings

impertinent= insolent; rude; not pertinent

imperturbable= unshakably calm; placid

impervious= impenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed

impetus= moving force; momentum; force of a moving body; stimulus

impiety =irreverence; lack of respect for God

impinge= infringe; encroach; influence; touch

impious =irreverent

implacable =incapable of being pacified; impossible to appease

implausible =unlikely (to be true); unbelievable

implement =put into effect; enforce

implicate =incriminate; involve incriminatingly; show to be involved (in a crime)

implication= something hinted at or suggested

implicit =understood but not stated; implied

implode= burst inward

implore= ask or beg earnestly; beseech

imply =suggest a meaning not expressed; signify

impolitic =not wise; not expedient; not politic

imponderable= weightless; that cannot undergo precise evaluation

import =significance; importance; meaning

importunate= urging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent

importune= beg persistently

imposture =assuming a false identity; masquerade

impotent= weak; ineffective; lacking in physical strength or power

impoverish= make poor; deprive of natural strength

imprecation =curse; swearword

impregnable= invulnerable; impossible to capture or enter by force

impregnate =make pregnant; fill thoroughly; saturate

impromptu =without previous preparation; off the cuff

impropriety =improperness; unsuitableness

improvident =thriftless; not providing for the future

improvise =compose on the spur of the moment

imprudent= lacking caution; not prudent; injudicious

impudence =impertinence; insolence

impugn =dispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); attack as false or questionable

impuissance= powerlessness; feebleness

impunity= freedom from punishment or harm

impute =attribute; ascribe; charge

inadvertently= unintentionally; by oversight; carelessly

inalienable= not to be taken away; nontransferable

inamorata= woman whom a man loves

inane =silly; senseless

inanimate= lifeless; not animate

inarticulate= speechless; producing indistinct speech

inaugurate= begin formally; install in office; induct into office by a formal ceremony

incandescent =strikingly bright; shining with intense heat

incantation= singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula

incapacitate= disable

incapacity= lack of capacity

incarcerate= imprison

incarnate =endowed with flesh; invested with bodily form

incarnation= act of assuming a human body and human nature; personification

incendiary =arsonist

incense =enrage; infuriate(make furious); make extremely angry

incentive= spur; motive; something which encourages one to greater activity

inception =start; beginning

incessant =uninterrupted; unceasing

inchoate = (of desire, wish, plan) recently begun; not explicit; at the beginning of development

incidence= rate of occurrence; particular occurrence

incident =event; event that causes a crisis

incidental =not essential; minor

incinerate =burn to ashes

incipient =beginning; in an early stage

incisive = (appreciatively) cutting; sharp

Incise= make a cut into

incite= arouse to action; goad; motivate; induce to exist

inclement= stormy; unkind; unmerciful

incline =slope; slant

inclined =tending or leaning toward; bent

Incline= slant; dispose; be disposed; tend

inclusive =tending to include all; all-inclusive

incognito= with identity concealed; using an assumed name

incoherent= unintelligible; muddled; unable to express one’s thoughts in an orderly manner

incommodious= not spacious; inconvenient

incompatible =inharmonious

incongruity =lack of harmony; absurdity

Incongruous= lacking in harmony; inappropriate

inconsequential= insignificant; unimportant

inconsistency =state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness

inconsistent =displaying a lack of consistency; erratic

incontinent =lacking self-restraint; not continent; licentious

incontrovertible= indisputable; impossible to dispute; not open to question

incorporate= introduce something into a larger whole; include

incorporeal =without a material body; insubstantial

incorrigible =uncorrectable

incredulity= tendency to disbelief

incredulous =withholding belief; skeptical; showing disbelief

increment= increase

incriminate= accuse of or implicate in a crime; serve as evidence against

incrustation =hard coating or crust

incrust= encrust; cover with a crust

incubate =hatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching

incubus =burden; very worrying problem; mental care; nightmare

inculcate= teach (ideas or principles); instill

incumbent= obligatory; imposed as an obligation; currently holding an office

incur =bring upon oneself

incursion= temporary invasion

indecision= irresolution; inability to make up one’s mind

indecisive =marked by indecision; inconclusive

indefatigable= tireless; untiring; showing no sign of getting tired

indelible =not able to be erased

indemnify =make secure against damage or loss

indentation =notch; deep recess

indenture= bind as servant or apprentice to master; bind by indenture

indeterminate= uncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite

indicative =suggestive; implying; serving to indicate

indices= signs; indications

index= something that reveals or indicates

indict= charge

indifferent =unmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in

indigence= poverty

indigenous= native

indigent =poor; destitute

indignation= anger at an injustice

indignity =treatment or situation that causes shame or loss of dignity

indiscriminate =choosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions

indisputable= too certain to be disputed; beyond doubt

indissoluble =permanent; impossible to dissolve or disintegrate

indite= write; compose

indoctrinate =cause to accept a doctrine without questioning it

indolent= lazy

indomitable =unconquerable; unyielding

indubitable= unable to be doubted; which cannot be doubted

induce =persuade; lead to do something

induct =place formally in office; install

inductive =pertaining to induction or proceeding from the specific to the general

indulge= yield to; gratify; allow oneself a special pleasure

indulgent= humoring; yielding; lenient; showing indulgence

industrious= diligent; hard-working

inebriate= make drunk; intoxicate

inebriated =habitually intoxicated

ineffable =unutterable; not to be uttered; taboo

ineffectual= not effective; not having a desired effect; weak

ineluctable= irresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable

inept= unsuited; inappropriate; lacking skill; incompetent

Inapt = (of statements or ideas) inappropriate

inequity= unfairness

inerrancy =infallibility

inert =inactive; lacking power to move; unable to move or act

Inertia= state of being inert; force which keeps a thing in the position or state

inestimable =impossible to estimate

Invaluable= of immeasurable worth

inevitable =unavoidable

inexorable= relentless; unyielding; implacable

inextricable= from which it is impossible to get free

infallible =unerring; never making mistakes

infamous =notoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad

Infamy= infamous act; evil fame or reputation

infantile =childish; infant like

infer =deduce; conclude

infernal= pertaining to hell; devilish

inferno= place of fiery heat or destruction

infest =inhabit in numbers large enough to be harmful

infidel =unbeliever (with respect to a particular religion)

infiltrate =pass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily

infinitesimal= very small

infirmity =weakness

inflated =exaggerated; pompous; enlarged (with air or gas)

influx= flowing into

infraction =violation (of a rule or regulation); breach

infringe =violate (a law); encroach (the right of another person)

ingenious =marked by inventive skill; clever; resourceful

ingénue =young innocent girl

ingenuous= naive and trusting; young; unsophisticated; candid

ingrained =deeply established; firmly rooted

ingrate= ungrateful person (not expressing thanks)

ingratiate =become popular with; bring (oneself) in favor of another

inherent =firmly established by nature or habit; intrinsic

inhibit =restrain; prohibit; retard or prevent

inhibited= (of a person) unable to express what one really feels

inimical = (of someone) unfriendly; hostile; (of something) harmful; detrimental

inimitable= matchless; not able to be imitated

iniquitous= wicked; immoral; unrighteous

initiate= begin; originate; receive into a group; introduce to a new field or activity

injurious= harmful; causing injury

inkling =hint; slight indication

innate= inborn

innocuous =harmless

innovation =change; something newly introduced; introduction of something new

innovate= begin or introduce (something new)

innuendo= indirect or subtle (derogatory) hint; insinuation

inopportune= untimely; inappropriate or ill-timed; poorly chosen

inordinate= beyond reasonable limits; unrestrained; excessive

inquisitive =eager for knowledge; unduly curious

inquisitor =questioner (especially harsh); investigator; person making an inquisition

inroad= hostile invasion; advance that lessens the quantity

insalubrious= unwholesome; not healthful

insatiable =not easily satisfied; unquenchable

inscrutable =difficult to understand; impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious

insensate =without feeling; lacking sense; foolish

insensible =unconscious; unresponsive; insensitive

insidious= treacherous; stealthy; sly; working or spreading harmfully in a stealthy manner

insightful =discerning; perceptive

insinuate= hint; imply; suggest indirectly; creep in; introduce

insipid =lacking in flavor; lacking interest; dull

insolence= impudent disrespect; haughtiness

insolvent =bankrupt; lacking money to pay

insomnia= wakefulness; inability to sleep

insouciant= without concern or care; unconcerned; indifferent

instigate= start; urge; provoke; incite

institute =organization for a special purpose

institution= instituting; (building for the) organization; established custom

institutionalize= make into an institution; put or confine in an institution

insubordination= disobedience; rebelliousness

insubstantial =lacking substance; insignificant

insularity= narrow-mindedness; isolation

insular =of an island; isolated; narrow-minded

insuperable= insurmountable; unbeatable

insurgent =rebellious

insurmountable =overwhelming; unbeatable; insuperable

insurrection =rebellion; uprising

intangible =not able to be perceived by touch; vague

integral =complete; necessary for completeness

integrate =make whole; combine; make into one unit

integrity =honesty; uprightness; wholeness; state of being whole and undivided

intellect= higher mental powers; person of great intellectual ability

intelligentsia =intellectuals; members of the educated elite

inter= bury

interdict= prohibit; forbid

interim =meantime

interjection =exclamation

interloper= intruder; one who interferes

intermediary= intermediate; acting as a mediator

interminable =endless

intermittent =periodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals

internecine= mutually destructive

interpolate= insert between

interregnum =period between two successive reigns or governments

interrogate= question closely; cross-examine; cross-question

interstice= narrow space between things

intervene =come between; interfere

intimate =hint; suggest; imply

intimidate =frighten

intolerant =not willing to accept ways of thinking different from one’s own

intoxicate= make drunk; stimulate or excite

intractable= unruly; difficult to manage

intransigence= refusal of any compromise; stubbornness

Intransigent= uncompromising

intrepid= fearless

intrigue =make secret plans; plot; arouse the curiosity of

intrinsic= essential; inherent; built-in

introspective= looking within oneself

introspection= self-examination

introvert =one who is introspective or inclined to think more about oneself

intrude =put or force in without being asked; trespass

intuition= immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning

Intuit= know by intuition

inundate= flood; overflow; submerge; cover completely

inured= accustomed; hardened

inure= make used to something undesirable

invalid =one incapacitated(disabled) by a chronic illness

invalidate= weaken; destroy; make invalid; nullify

invective= abuse

inveigh =denounce; utter censure or invective

inveigle =deceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole)

inverse =opposite

invert=turn upside down or inside out; reverse the position or condition of

inveterate= deep-rooted; habitual

invidious =designed to create ill will or envy

invincible =unconquerable

inviolable= secure from corruption, attack, or violation(or profanation)

invocation= prayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support

invoke =call and bring into use (a right or law); call on/upon (a higher power or god) for help

invulnerable= incapable of injury

iota =very small quantity

irascible= irritable; easily angered

irate= angry

Ire =anger; wrath

iridescent =exhibiting rainbow like colors

irksome= annoying; tedious

irk= annoy

ironic= expressing irony; occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner

irony =hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that seem to mean the opposite of what they actually mean

irreconcilable= impossible to reconcile; incompatible

irrefutable= indisputable; incontrovertible

irrelevant= not applicable; unrelated

irremediable= incurable

irreparable= not able to be corrected or repaired

irrepressible =unable to be restrained or held back

irreproachable= beyond reproach; blameless; impeccable

irresolute =uncertain how to act; weak; lacking in resolution; indecisive

irretrievable =impossible to recover or regain

irreverence= lack of proper respect or reverence

irrevocable= unalterable; irreversible; impossible to revoke

isotope =varying from of an element

isthmus= narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land

itinerant =wandering; traveling from place to place (to perform work)

itinerary= plan of a trip

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