GRE Word List-K

This is a Complete List of GRE Word List-K.

kaleidoscope: tube in which patterns made by the reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass
ken :range of knowledge
kernel :central or vital part; core; whole seed (as of corn)
killjoy :grouch; spoilsport; one who intentionally spoils the pleasure of others
kindle :start a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse
kindred: related; belonging to the same group; similar in nature or character
kinetic :producing motion; of motion
kismet :fate; destiny
kleptomaniac: person who has a compulsive desire to steal
knack :special talent; art
knave: untrustworthy person; rogue; scoundrel; jack
knead :mix; work dough; mix and work into a uniform mass (with the hands)
kneel: go down on one’s knee(s)
knell: tolling of a bell especially to indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell
knit: contract into wrinkles; grow together; join together closely
knoll: little round hill; hillock
knotty: intricate; difficult; tangled
kudos: honor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement

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