GRE Word List-W

GRE Word List-W is a Complete One.

wade : walk through a substance, such as water, that impedes movement
waffle: speak equivocally about an issue
waft: move gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves; Ex. leaves wafting past the window
wag : shake repeatedly from side to side; Ex. The dog wagged its tail; N: humorous person; wit
wage :begin and continue (a war)
waggish :humorous; mischievous; tricky
waif :homeless child or animal; Ex. waifs and strays
waive: give up temporarily; yield; N. waiver: waiving a right or claim; document that waives a right or claim
wake :trail of ship or other object through water; path of something that has gone before
wallow :roll in mud; indulge in; (of a ship) roll in a rough sea; become helpless
wan :having a pale or sickly color; pallid
wanderlust :strong longing to travel
wane :decrease in size or strength (after being full); grow gradually to an end
wangle :achieve by cleverness or trick; wiggle out; fake; Ex. She tried to wangle an invitation to the party.
wanton :unrestrained; gratuitously cruel; willfully malicious; unchaste; sexually improper; promiscuous
warble : (of a bird) sing; babble
ward :administrative division of a city; division in a hospital or prison; incompetent person
warp: twist out of shape
warrant: justification; written order that serves as authorization (esp. a judicial writ)
warranted: justified; authorized
warranty: guarantee; assurance by seller
warren: tunnels in which rabbits live; overcrowded living area; crowded conditions in which people live
wary: very cautious; watchful
wastrel :waster; profligate
waver: move or swing back and forth; be uncertain or unsteady in decision or movement
wax: increase gradually (as the moon); grow
waylay: ambush; lie in wait for and attack
wean :accustom a baby not to nurse; accustom (the young of a mammal) to take nourishment other than by suckling
weary: tired after long work
weather: pass safely through (a storm or difficult period); endure the effects of weather or other forces
weird: eerie; strange; unnatural
well-bred: of good upbringing; well-mannered and refined
welt: raised mark from a beating or whipping
welter: wallow (as in mud or high seas); lie soaked (as in blood)
wheedle: deceive, persuade, or obtain by flattery; cajole; coax
whelp :young animal (esp. of the dog or cat family); young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.
whet :sharpen; stimulate
whiff :puff or gust (of air, scent, etc.); short-lasting smell; hint
whim: sudden capricious idea; fancy
whimsical: capricious; fanciful; amusingly strange
whimsy:whim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely
whine :complain (in a sad voice); make a high sad sound (as in pain or supplication)
whinny: neigh like a horse
whit :small amount; smallest speck
whittle: pare; cut away thin bits (from wood); fashion in this way; reduce gradually; trim
wholesome: conducive to mental or physical health; healthful
whorl :ring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement
wiggle: wriggle; move from side to side with irregular twisting motions
willful : intentional; headstrong
willowy: flexible; pliant; slender
wilt :loose freshness; droop
wily :crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem
wince: move back suddenly; shrink back; flinch; Ex. She winced as she touched the cold body.
windfall :fallen fruit; unexpected lucky event
winnow: sift; separate the chaff from grain by blowing; separate good parts from bad
winsome: charming (in a childlike way); agreeable; gracious; engaging
wisp: small bunch (of hair); faint streak (of smoke)
wispy :thin; slight; barely discernible
wistful :sadly thoughtful (because of desires or memories); sadly pensive; vaguely longing
withdrawn: introverted; retiring; remote remote/distant in manner; aloof
wither: (of a plant) dry up from loss of moisture; lose freshness; shrivel; decay
withhold: refuse to give; hold back
withstand :stand up against; resist successfully
witless: lacking intelligence or wit; foolish; idiotic
witticism: witty saying; wisecrack(clever joking remark)
wizardry: sorcery; magic
wizened: shriveled; withered
woe: great sorrow; deep inconsolable grief; affliction; suffering
woeful :sad; (of something bad) deplorable; deplorably bad
wont: (the stated person’s) habit or custom; habitual procedure
worldly: engrossed in matters of this earth; not spiritual; of the material world
wrangle: quarrel noisily; obtain through arguing; herd cattle
wrath :anger; fury
wreak: inflict; Ex. wreak one’s vengeance on
wrench :twist; pull; strain; Ex. He wrenched the gun out of her hands.
wrest :obtain by pulling violently; pull away; take by violence
wretch: miserable person; bad or despicable person
wring: twist (to extract liquid); extract by twisting; wrench painfully (necks or hands)
wrinkle: small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth)
writ :written command issued by a court (telling someone to do or not to do something)
writhe: twist in coils; contort in pain
wrongheaded: stubbornly wrong
wry: (esp. of an expression of the face) twisted; with a humorous twist (expressing displeasure)

GRE Word List-W is a Complete One.

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