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Xanadu= an imaginary exotic, beautiful, idyllic place first mentioned in Saint Coleridge’s Kuba Khan
Xanthous= relating to, designating races with yellowish hair in a light complexion
Xenophobe= a person who hates and distrusts stranger or foreigners
Xenophobia= fear of stranger or foreigners
Xerography= a photocopying process in which an electrostatic image is formed on a selenium plate or cylinder
Xerostomia= abnormal lack of saliva, dryness of mouth
X-rated= excessive brutality or horrificness
Xylem= plant tissue that conducts water and mineral salts from the roots to all other parts
Xyloid =woody
Xylophagous= eating or destroying wood
Xylophone= A musical instrument consisting of wooden bars that are sounded by being struck with millets
Xylotomous= (of certain insects) cutting or boring into woods

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