Gain, Gambling and Genius : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Gain :

  • One man's loss is another man's gain.

  • Gain savors sweetly from anything.

  • Pain is forgotten when gain follows.

  • Great gain makes work easy.

  • Honors and profit lie not in one sack.

  • There's no great loss without some gain.

  • Gambling :

  • The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.

  • Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

  • He that plays his money ought not to value it.

  • In a bet there is a fool and a thief.

  • Genius :

  • Genius is akin to madness.

  • Genius is the capacity of evading hard work.

  • Genius is mainly an affair of energy.

  • The lamp of genius burns more rapidly than the lamp of life.

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