Goes to Tailor : A Mulla Nasruddin Hodja Story

Hodja Goes to Tailor

Let us enjoy reading this Mulla Nasruddin Hodja's Story of Hodja Goes to Tailor .

Nasruddin Hodja went to a tailor with a piece of cloth and asked the tailor to stitch him a shirt.

The tailor took his measurements.

“When will it be ready?" Nasruddin asked the tailor.

“God willing, it’ll be ready in a week’s time," said the man.

Nasruddin could hardly wait for the week to pass. On the morning of the seventh day he hurried to the tailor’s shop. He was bitterly disappointed when he learnt that the shirt was not ready.

“God willing, it will be ready the day after tomorrow," said the tailor.

Two days later, Nasruddin was again at the tailor’s shop. The shirt was still not ready.

“God willing it’ll be ready on Saturday," said the tailor.

On Saturday it was the same story.

“God willing...," began the tailor.

“Stop! Stop!" said Hodja, now thoroughly fed up. “Tell me, how long will it take if you leave God out of this?"

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