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Here is the list of New Words related to Government.

amendatory : adjective : containing an amendment

athlete tax : noun : A tax levied on professional athletes by the jurisdiction to which they travel to play a game

carry tax : noun : A tax imposed on the currency holdings of individuals and companies, particularly banks

caucus : noun : cant name of secret meetings for electioneering purposes

census : noun : an enumeration of inhabitants, a register of people, etc.

competitive compassion : noun : Contributing to a charity or cause in a greater amount than others or for recogntion

constitutionality : noun : the state of being agreeable to the constitution, or of affecting the constitution

declinism : noun : The belief that something, particularly a country or a political or economic system, is undergoing a significant and possibly irreversible decline

democrazy : noun : A democracy that has absurd or inequitable characteristics or in which senseless or unjust events occur

dollarize : verb : For a country to abandon its national currency in favour of the U.S. dollar.

endism : noun : The belief that something of significant scope and duration, particularly something negative, is coming to an end.

fast-food zoning : noun : Zoning laws designed to keep fast-food restaurants out of an area or neighborhood.

fat tax : noun : A tax imposed on foods that are deemed to be unhealthy, particularly those that contribute to obesity and other health problems.

fiscalamity : noun : Dire financial or economic distress created by fiscal mismanagement.

FOI-able : adjective : Available via the Freedom of Information Act.

Frankenstein veto : noun : A veto in which the words in a bill are deleted or rearranged to form a new bill with an entirely different meaning.

globitarian : adjective :Describes a government in which all decisions and programs are determined by global market forces.

jury nullification : noun : The act of a jury finding a person not guilty because they believe the law under which the defendant was charged is unfair, misguided, or not applicable.

lunch lid : noun : A moratorium, established by the White House, on newsworthy announcements and events during journalists' lunch break. When White House staffers announce that the lunch lid is on correspondents know they can leave the press room and not be in danger of missing something important.

Market-Leninism : noun : An economic system that combines aspects of both capitalism and communism.

pizza parliament : noun : A parliament consisting of many parties, each with only a relatively small number of seats and where no party has a majority of seats.

presidential : adjective : pertaining to a president

pull-aside : noun : An informal meeting between leaders, officials, or diplomats at a public event.

selectman : noun : a town official in New England

self-coup : noun : The sudden overthrow of a government by the current leader of the country in an attempt to gain more power.

shift and shaft : verb : To shift programs to a lower level of government without providing the means with which to pay for those programs.

snoopervision : noun : A management or regulatory style characterized by intrusiveness or excessive prying.

soft power : noun : Power based on intangible or indirect influences such as culture, values, and ideology.

starve the beast : verb : To cut taxes with the intent of using the reduced revenue as an excuse to drastically reduce the size and number of services offered by a government.

thugocracy : noun : Rule of a country or state by a group of thugs.

tripartisanship : noun : The involvement, support, or cooperation of three parties, especially three political parties (cf. bipartisanship).

vampire state : noun : A country out of which a dictator or ruling elite sucks money and resources.

vasectomy zoning : noun : Zoning laws and other restrictions that aim to keep children out of an area or neighborhood.

xerocracy : noun : A society in which censorship is so pervasive that the only way to disseminate information is via photocopied documents and newsletters that have be written clandestinely.

xerocracy : noun : Rule by whoever feels like doing the photocopying.

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