grav & gravi

ROOT-WORDS are GRAV, GRAVI & GRAVITO meaning HEAVY & WEIGHTY. It comes from the Latin gravis which means HEAVY. It is also necessary to avoid confusion with words that are based on the Root GRAVEL meaning PEBBLY GROUND. You will have a weighty decision to make when you encounter words with GRAV in them; your dictionary will help you!

1. Grave : GRAV e (grave) adj.

Serious; weighty

2. Aggravate : ag GRAV ate (ag’ ra vate) v.

To make heavier; increase

3. Gravidate : GRAV idate (grav’ i date) v.

To make heavy; impregnate

4. Gravimeter : GRAV imeter (gra vim’ et er) n.

An instrument to measure the weight of liquids

5. Gravely : GRAV ely (grave’ ly) adv.

Seriously; heavily

6. Graveolent : GRAV eolent (gra vee’ o lent) adj.

Smelly; unpleasant

7. Gravid : GRAV id (grav’ id) adj.

Heavy with child; pregnant

8. Gravific : GRAV ific (gra vif’ ik) adj.


9. Gravitationally : GRAVI tationally (grav it a’ shun al ee) adv.

In the manner of gravitating

10. Gravimetry : GRAV imetry (gra vim’ e tree) n.

The measurement of weight and density

11. Gravimetric : GRAV imetric (grav i me’ trik) adj.

Relating to measurements by weight

12. Gravitate : GRAV itate (grav’ i tate) v.

To obey the law of gravitational attraction

13. Gravitation : GRAVITA tion (grav i tay’ shun) n.

Tendency to be drawn to something on a lower level

14. Gravity : GRAV ity (grav’ it ee) n.

Weight; seriousness

15. Gravitative : GRAV itative (grav’ i tate iv) adj.

Tending to gravitate

16. Gravitational : GRAV itational (grav i tay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to the tendency of bodies to fall to the earth

17. Gravic : GRAV ic (grav’ ik) adj.

Relating to gravitation

18. Gravitater : GRAV itater (grav’ i tate er) n.

That which gravitates

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