Growth of Amphibians


Paper Flowers

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Growth of Amphibians

Cut a cardboard in the shape of a circle. Draw two perpendicular lines passing through the centre. In the four sections that now exist on the cardboard you draw the four stages of life of an amphibian, say frog, with each stage being depicted in one section. Now cut out another cardboard in a square shape. On one side you cut out a V-section. Place the square on top of the circle. Now insert a needle through the middle of both cardboards.

Rotate and show your friends the various stages one by one as they appear on the V-section.

Paper Flowers

On a piece of paper cut out the following parts of a flower.

  • Five inner petals

  • Five stamens

  • One carpel

  • Three leaves

  • Outer petals
  • Give colour to the various parts.

    Take a thick wire and through it insert the outer petals, inner petals, stamens and carpels. Now wrap a crepe paper of green colour around the wire to make it the stem.

    Then take the leaves and glue them to the stem. And there you have the paper flower.

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