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BE, HAVE and DO :

  1. But just now I have not time for parties. We will have a test next week.

  2. But we’ve just missed a bus. There is not another for some time.

  3. Did he come by car? Yes, he did.

  4. Do you still do exercises every morning?

  5. Has he often had parties? Yes, I went to the last one.

  6. Have you got a map? Yes, There is one in my bag.

  7. Have you had a good time at the last party?

  8. He swims better than I do.

  9. How far is it to Dover? it is 100 Kilometres from Dover.

  10. How often you have tests? We have one every two months.

  11. I do if I have time. I don’t do them regularly.

  12. I hope you’ll win. If you do we’ll have a party.

  13. I think there is a traffic warden.

  14. I’d better move the car. There is a car park behind the station and it is not full.

  15. I’ll accept his offer. Before you do read the conditions again.

  16. It is time for a meal before we start to night?

  17. Oh yes, Everyone always have a great time at his parties.

  18. The pills don’t do him any good, so he stopped taking them.

  19. There are a lot of broken glass on the road. Was there an accident?

  20. There is plenty of space.

  21. There is someone standing by our car.

  22. There were thirty people in the queue yesterday.

  23. There will be usually a long queue for this bus.

  24. They earned more than we did.

  25. Was it very wet last night? Yes, there was a lot of rain.

  26. We had champagne at his last party. I think they have champagne tonight too.

  27. Well, there is not anybody there now.

  28. What do they usually do in the evenings? They watch TV.

  29. What do you do tonight? We’re going to the theatre.

  30. You don’t smoke, do you?

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