Synonyms & Antonyms : Hazard


( Noun )

In this town, your life will be full of hazards.










Contextual Examples:

This road may not be the right one but that’s chance we’re going to take.

He had stayed up so late he felt the danger of oversleeping and being late for work the next morning.

Many species are already in peril of extinction because of our destruction of their natural habitat.

Mahesh Jain has insured his assets against the risk of fire and theft.

Such a gamble against odds would put their whole venture in jeopardy.

The leader has threatened to wipe him out if ever he though of leaving the gang.

We must be prepared for any contingency.









Contextual Examples:

I wanted an assurance from my boss for security of job.

There is no certainty of a lasting career in the private sector.

There is no particular necessity for me to linger on this job

A house is the first protection from vagaries of nature.

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