Hell bent for leather

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Hell bent for leather : Phrases


To go all out, willing to do whatever is required to achieve ones objective.


The Indy cars rounded turn one,
hell bent for leather.


This is a combination of two separate phrases with similar meanings.
Hell bent meaning to do everything possible to achieve a goal. And Hell for leather meaning to do something with vigor or (especially travel) at full speed.

To have a bent is to be determined, as in bent on doing something. Hell is often used in terms associated with high speed and determination (e.g..
go like hell, running like hell). Hell bent means to be highly or stubbornly determined.

Hell for leather is more literal. In this case leather refers to the bridle and saddle on a horse. To ride very quickly is rough on the bridal, stirrups, and saddle and is literally hell for leather.

Hell bent for leather then is to ride very fast and very determined.

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